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The Daino Reale is a Turkish marble that presents a beige, brown colour and quite irregular structure. This is a very specific beige marble, with an unique structure and appearance.

The Moleanos Fine is a beige limestone from Portugal, with consistent demand from several markets, such as the UK, USA and several Asian countries. This limestone is quite versatile and accepts very well several types of surface finishings, for both exterior and interior use.

  On this video, we are going to introduce you to a fantastic type of natural stone from Turkey: the Travertine Classic, with a vein-cut structure. We will introduce you its main surface finishes, both with filled and unfilled structure. For more information about this type of travertine, please check Natural Stone Outlet blog.

Turkey has an abundant offer of marble, including different coloured marble. The Light Emperador is one of them and is today one of the reference marble from Turkey. On this video, we tell you more about it.

The Kale Silver is a grey / silver marble from Turkey that is slightly unknown in the market. This is in fact a marble that is extracted in white marble quarries, but presenting a mostly grey coloured structure and look.

There are nowadays a wide range of coloured marble from Spain that have a relevant position on the international construction and decoration markets. From this wide range, there are four particular marble that have an outstanding position, due to their reputation, look and well-established markets.

The Jura Grey is a grey limestone from Germany, which is very popular with a growing demand. This is a type of limestone that can be used on pretty much any kind of application, both interior and exterior. This limestone may also present different variation that we present you on this video.

We present on this video the different types of the Moleanos limestone from Portugal. This is a very versatile type of limestone that can present many variations, from fine grain to medium grain with a beige colour or grey colour, to different colour tones or overall look.

We present on this video some of the most relevant surface finishings that are used today on exterior cladding applications in natural stone. Surface finishings can add or change the natural stone colour, structure and appearance, so choosing the right surface finishing is important.

With an incredibly high popularity and demand worldwide, the Negro Marquina marble presents a substantial production and well-established markets. When it comes to choose this particular marble, you should be aware of its two main variations, the First Selection and the Commercial Selection. Moreover, the Negro Marquina is a reference and notorious black marble from Spain.

The Travertine Silver is a particular type of Travertine from Turkey, presenting a grey colour, which is quite unique for this type of natural stone. Despite not being a reference type of Travertine, the Travertine Silver has seen increasing demand in the past few years.

The Mugla White is a beautiful and recognized white marble from Turkey, which is extracted around the city of Mugla by several quarries. This marble is today a reference white marble that can be found with different names, such as Bianco Ibiza, Blanco Ibiza and more.

The Dark Emperador is a dark-brown marble that is originally extracted in Spain. It has high demand worldwide and is used on reference projects in different parts of the world. On this video, we introduce you to this great dark brown marble from Spain, giving a brief explanation on how to select the marble and what to expect from it.

The Irish Blue is a fantastic dark grey limestone from Ireland, which has a strong market presence in the European market and has been gaining ground outside of Europe. This limestone accepts an incredible range of surface finishings, basically for any type of application.

On this video, we introduce you to this fantastic beige marble from Spain, giving a resumed view of its variations and how to select this marble. This is a very popular and on-demand beige marble that is used worldwide, with a well-established market pretty much all over the world. With this video, you will understand a bit more about the stone.

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