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The Moleanos Fine is a beige limestone from Portugal, with consistent demand from several markets, such as the UK, USA and several Asian countries. This limestone is quite versatile and accepts very well several types of surface finishings, for both exterior and interior use.

We present on this video the different types of the Moleanos limestone from Portugal. This is a very versatile type of limestone that can present many variations, from fine grain to medium grain with a beige colour or grey colour, to different colour tones or overall look.

We present on this video some of the most relevant surface finishings that are used today on exterior cladding applications in natural stone. Surface finishings can add or change the natural stone colour, structure and appearance, so choosing the right surface finishing is important.

As a limestone, the Moca Cream is a fairly soft natural stone. However, it presents exceptional properties that makes it suitable for several different applications. Moreover, this slightly versatile limestone offers numerous types of finishings, which allow for a much more diverse result.

Highly competitive and unique in appearance, the Moca Cream is one of the most successful natural stones from Portugal. It presents an incredibly high production level, as well as a considerable demand and a strategical pricing, and is today a reference beige limestone worldwide.

There are several choices for surface finishings that can be used on exterior landscaping applications. There are many different surface finishings for stone, but not all types would be suitable for such use. We analyse on this video the most common choices for exterior landscaping.

As a reference beige limestones from Portugal, the Moca Cream has a strong position in the market, with limited competition. Famous for its well defined parallel vein and uniform beige colour, the Moca Cream can accept an wide range of finishings for both interior and exterior uses.

The supply of beige limestones from Portugal is quite rich and plentiful, with high availability and product quality. But among so many choices, it’s not always easy to select the proper limestone. The following video explains how to accurately do this selection like a professional.

The Moleanos limestone is a prominent stone from Portugal. There are different types of Moleanos, which leads towards a large variety of possible applications. This is partly explained by its great technical properties, from its great resilience hardness and resistance to its subtle beige colour and uniformity.

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