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Best Applications for Travertine Classic

Best Applications for Travertine Classic

The Travertine Classic is a very popular natural stone with a fairly uniform colour and great technical properties, resulting in a considerably versatile product in terms of different finishings. Consequently, this type of natural stone has become rather emergent with a very large demand on the international market. There are currently numerous possible applications for the Travertine Classic but not all are ideal. Here, we present some of the best and most common methods to use this natural stone:

5. Exterior Flooring

Travertine Classic has a great applicability for pool cladding and exterior flooring. Despite not being as common as interior flooring, it is still quite frequent to be found. Most of these projects are made with honed finishings for a higher quality adherent flooring that can still keep its elegancy and sophistication.

Travertine Classic exterior flooring

4. Interior Flooring

Another common appliance of the Travertine Classic is on interior flooring, most specifically in a polished state filled with resin. The smooth appearance and light brightness from the uniform beige coloured vein is very suitable for all types of floor, as it brings a natural warmth and life to any interior area.

Travertine Classic interior flooring

3. Bath Design

One of the most famous applications of the Travertine Classic is on bathroom designs, which can assume different types of finishings, such as polished or even tumbled. It is very common to find the use of Travertine as mosaics for wall and floor covering, as well as basin and shower tray cladding.

Travertine Classic bath design

2. Interior Coverings & Decoration

The warm beige colour and natural vein of the Travertine Classic is very appreciated for interior decoration and design projects, mostly because it induces a natural warm sensation. The result of using this natural stone in interiors is usually very sophisticated and refined. It is no coincidence that Travertine is usually found in hotels, private homes and luxurious suites.

Travertine Classic coverings

1. Exterior Cladding

Probably the most recommended use of Travertine Classic is the exterior cladding procedure, which explores the natural characteristics of stone, including colour, brightness and texture. Most of the applications with Travertine Classic are made with honed finishing however, other finishing also work fairly well in the great majority of the buildings.

Travertine Classic cladding

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