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Moleanos Limestone Guide: What to Buy?

Moleanos Limestone Guide: What to Buy?

The Moleanos limestone is a prominent natural stone that is extracted in Portugal. There are different types of Moleanos, which leads towards a large variety of possible applications. Part of this versatility can be explained by its great technical properties, from its great resilience hardness and resistance to its subtle beige colour and uniformity. With such favourable conditions, this natural stone is capable of accepting many different types of finishings, widening even more the range of possible applications.

With so much variety, buyers might get confused and question about what the best solutions, especially in terms of individual projects. What to buy in the vast world of Moleanos? Here’s a detailed buyer guide to clear out all your doubts:

Moleanos Classic

The Moleanos Classic is probably the most popular type of Moleanos limestone. It presents a light beige colour with a slight greyish tonality, medium grain and several brownish fine spots. In terms of consistency, this limestone is quite resilient and uniform with a medium grain. Presently, the Moleanos Classic is most commonly found in the form of slabs and it’s frequently used for flooring and for cladding certain surfaces. As so, the best finishings for these purposes are polished and brushed, two distinct techniques that grant the stone smoothness and brightness.
Recommended Use: Flooring and Cladding
Best Finishings: Polished and Brushed

Moleanos Classic limestone

Moleanos Fine

The Moleanos Fine limestone is a refined version of the Classic stone with a thin grain and a beige colour filled with several brownish fine spots. It also also a slightly greyish tonality and it displays a lower resilience and hardness. However, this limestome is more elegant, refined and delicate and clean. Due to these particular reasons, the Moleanos Fine is often used for interior cladding and decoration. In order to obtain further smoothness and brightness it is recommended to apply the brushed finishing.
Recommended Use: Interior Cladding and Decoration
Best Finishing: Brushed

Moleanos Fine limestone

Vidraco Moleanos

The Vidraco Moleanos is least popular Moleanos stone, mainly due to its irregular appearance and occasional large darker spots. It has a thin grain and the beige colour has a more intense grayish touch. However, this is the only variation that accepts the flamed finishing, which is perfectly suited for exterior applications due to its glassy effect. Just as the Fine type it also keeps lower levels of hardness and resilience in comparison to the Classic limestone. The Vidraco Moleanos is mostly used on public exterior paving applications.
Recommended Use: Public exterior paving applications
Best Finishing: Flamed

Moleanos Vidraco limestone

Moleanos Azul (Blue)

Moleanos Azul or Blue is the fourth variation of this type of limestone and it’s very similar to the Moleanos Classic type. The main difference is the colour, whereas the Classic displays a vivid beige, the Azul displays a pale blue/gray tonality. The Moleanos Azul maintains a great resilience and hardness, as well as a uniform gradient and a medium grain. It’s a relatively new limestone in terms of demanding and it has been growing exponentially within the international markets.
Recommended Use: Flooring and Cladding
Best Finishings: Polished

Moleanos Blue limestone

For further information about Moleanos limestones or other natural stones, check our catalogue page.

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