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How to choose beige limestones from Portugal

How to choose beige limestones from Portugal


The supply of beige limestones from Portugal is quite rich and plentiful, with high availability and product quality. But among so many choices, it’s not always easy to select the proper limestone. The following video explains how to accurately do this selection.

Despite the huge variety, most of the beige limestones from this country present similar features, both on technical properties and appearance. The increased durability and uniform background are probably the most common characteristics. But it’s the overall versatility that makes this type of limestone rise at a global scale, since they can be used on almost any project or application. However, there are certain limestones that are more suitable than others, depending on the project specifications and even personal preferences. The beige limestones presented in this video are the following ones: Moca Cream Classic, Moca Cream Fine, Moleanos Classic, Moleanos Fine, Rosal and Cabeca Veada.

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